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on Jan 31 I ordered 1 ian Ipod Nana from Target and 3 separate items from Amazon. As of today the target item hasn't arrived.

The tracking information is limited at best. It appears that the item is in Springfield, MA for a few days. It is going to Orono, Maine. My mail ususally arrives in 2 days.

This is a gift. Just a note I received all my items from Amazon by Wed. Their link to UPS is easier to use.

I also am amazed that this company doesn't have a way to make a direct complaint via it's web page.

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Amazon has MANY shipping stations across the country, so that is why you can get items faster. I've got items from both.

I believe you can pick up a phone and call if you can not figure out tracking. UPS can take a week depending where it is from.


Jnauary 31 was a Sunday, so I would assume the order would be placed and processed on Monday. It's only been a week, did you pay extra for overnight or expedited shipping?

If it was ground shipping, it will still take some time to ship to you. I've never had a problem with shipping or tracking it. I click on the tracking link and it brings me to the external site, which then tells me where my package is.

Since Amazon is a different vendor, you can't expect the same timeframe. They may be closer to you, and once Target or Amazon ships the package, it's up to the shipper to get it to you on time.

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