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Here is a response about a complaint I had about an order cancelled. I wrote that I would use another competitor first because of the time I spent putting in personal information and payment information. Here is the response I get form customer service:

We know you've come to expect great guest service from Target and and we're sorry your order was cancelled.

I'd like to inform you that your order was cancelled either because of inventory or the shipping address you entered. Unfortunately, I don't have additional information to explain exactly why this was cancelled.

If you'd like, you can try placing a new order.

We know that we didn't meet your expectations this time and hope that you'll give us another chance. Thanks for getting in touch.

Sincerely, Guest Services

Why would I reorder the items and spend the time inputting my information to just have the chance of it being cancelled again. I work for a government agency that deals with customer service, I would never respond to a complaint like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $138.

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Wow. Which Government agency is this? It's strange because I feel like the Government has the LOWEST customer (i.e citizen) satisfaction of any institution.

Also, you messed up. Own this and get over it.

You'll get your money back and you can go back to your nice little cushy government job.

You need to get your story straight as it seems to keep changing. Oh and heaven forbid a website has a technical error, I think you should sue to recover your losses from this traumatic event. :p :p

No the order was cancelled because of a technical error on Target. Get a life and learn. *** ***.


I'm a ***? Did you not read your own post?

Your complaint says "I would use another competitor first because of the time I spent putting in personal information and payment information" Not to mention that it seems from the response that your order was possibly cancelled due to incorrect info YOU entered. How is that Target's fault?

What exactly did you expect them to do to appease your outrage? I stand by my previous comment.


The fact is they offered a product and cancelled the order because of a technical error the complaint is not about putting in the info, the complaint is they could not complete the order and suggested I try to redo the order and take the chance of it being cancelled again, ***!

Good luck ordering from a competitor without giving them the same information. Oh, and you had to input payment info?!?

OUTRAGEOUS! They should be able to garner all that info telepathically.

I see nothing at all wrong with the response from Target, it just seems that they didn't grovel at your feet enough for your liking. :roll :roll

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