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My wife bought me a Black Ops III for Christmas for my PS3. I found that it would lock up on my system continually, most of the time in the same spots.

The game was useless. I went back to target within a week. They told me that their policy was NOT to refund money on defective games. They said I could go get another for exchange.

Their electronics department did not have any more, a clerk did a search and said no other store had any in stock. Back at the customer service desk I was told sorry guy. They said the only option I had was to take it to Game Stop and sell it to them. Great system, Target takes my wife's $45.00 and then tells me because they do not have any more to sell it to game stop for a refund of $1.50 on the original $45.00.

my family spends a lot of money at target every year but that will now end.

I can get everything that target sells at Walmart who stands behind their products that they sell. I hope that Target has an early and quick death.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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One would think that someone old enough to be married would first of all know three basic things.

Black Opps III is a popular game, and there should be no shock that it was sold out during the HOLIDAYS.

That it is not Target policy, that it is the law not to allow Target to return opened games.

You can only exchange it for the same game.

Finally, that Target, a store name is a proper noun, it is a name of a business, therefore should begin with a capital letter. This is taught in the second grade.

A married man should have known this a long time ago. Perhaps while you were at school, if you spent more time studying than playing video games you would know this.

to Anonymous #1084895

To the gentleman who was to spineless not to leave a name I loved dealing with people like you in my business that I owned for 40 years. I NEVER refused to give a refund no matter what.

If Target's policy is to exchange the game they had better make sure they have some in stock. Without that their warranty no matter what the law says is worthless.

Also when you went to school,if you ever did, they did not teach you much in the way of manners. And lastly for target to tell me to take it to Game Stop a place I did not buy it and sell it to them for $1.50 is plain garbage like your reply.

to Anonymous #1085204

You hypocrite, you are not giving your real name either. You to are cowardly and spineless.

They don't have a magical supply of an item in stock.

I don't have bad manners, just stating the truth. They obviously did not teach you correct spelling and grammar when you went to school, or simple logic.x

to Anonymous #1085480

You admitted to beating your wife, talk about spineless, would you do the someone thing to a man your size? I also seriously doubt your real name is flashpoint.

So why not give your real name and address as you are challenging anonymous to do.

I guess your parent never taught you that is is cowardly to hit a lady, that is something that is common sense and you do not need to go to school to learn. People can reply to your review all they want.

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1084807

Not refunding money for software in common. However, if no substitution is available, they should refund the money.

I suspect someone at your local Target stores misunderstands their policy in that situation. Call or email Target corporate and ask them what they can do for you. As for the problem with the game, I would try to install and play it on a different computer and see if it plays well on that one. The first thing to do, tho is to read the specs on game and make sure it will run on your computer.

This is a new game and your computer might not be up to the task if it is a couple of years or more in age. You might need to update your drivers, etc. Who knows?

Alot of these new games are made for state of the art graphics cards, sound cards, etc. and play spasmodically on older or not upgraded systems.

to bobs2015 #1086217

No, that's Target policy. The least they could have done is found it at a different store and offered to put it on hold.

to Anonymous #1086412

Why should I have to go to a different store just because my wife was *** and bought a game that did not work? Why should I have to waste gas because of their faulty product.

Why are you idiots making silly posts. Stop.

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