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I was hired by another firm to work inside a Target store in Superior, CO, (outside Boulder). We operated under a "Letter of Agreement" (LOA) that was generated by Target corporate on their letterhead.

i was shocked at my first shift because no one in the store knew I was scheduled to work there! I had to get everyone up to speed myself (fortunately, I had a copy of the agreement with me but I had to train everyone about the program). I mentioned the communication failure to the Leader on Duty (LOD). He said communication failures happened everyday at that store.

I was faced with similar challenges every week because the staff was never updated (the agreement letter got updated several times), and I always had to take a spare copy and go over it because management never did. Near the end of the program, the staff refused to follow the agreement, and they lobbied a different LOD to get their way, even though I had given them the updated agreement recently and discussed it. No matter, the uninformed LOD acted like he was my boss (he wasn't, the training specifically stated I was not a Target employee). He told me I needed to do whatever the staff wanted, in violation of the agreement terms and program.

I also explained that I had to way to report what the staff wanted (I had to file an online report after my shift which didn't allow for the staff's petty revolt and alternate choice). He didn't care that I had the agreement letter and he didn't want to look at it when I showed it to him. This was about ego and power for him. He then falsely accused me of being unprofessional and I got pulled from the project!

This was pure scapegoating and managerial dishonesty. I'll never shop at any Target stores again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Recruitment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Actually, this is one of the few I've read on here that rings as legit.


I say this a lot on here, but this...this can't be real.

to offconsumerpissed Littleton, Colorado, United States #1306238

It is real, which is why I posted it.

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