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I was on my second interview at Target with Wendy I felt like I was in the police station getting drilled, very uncomfortable. Wendy than sat back, and you would think I was her best friend as she say I have been at target for 35 and I am 59 as she looks at me, being my birthday was the day before I said I was 69.

I did not get hired I think they had their quota on seniors that day. I don't think the age card should come up at all. After that horrible experience I did a little shopping. I am in the dairy section and here is probably a sr team lead or manager shouting and yelling to a nice young man " the second time I called you and you did not bring something he was told to bring" I felt so sorry for the young man must have been new and probably just starting out/ What a awful experience that must have been for him in front of customers.

Target sure has gone down hill. Poor management. I actually was glad I did not get the job after that.

It is going to be a while before I shop again.


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Maybe you just gave a poor interview. Nah, couldn't be your fault could it?

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