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Back in April, I took my son to get a WWE wrestling ring and the price for a RAW ring was around $19 and so I was confused. I asked one of the employees that was working there and she had no idea.

She brought the manager over and he had to use a device called a telzon that tells you the price of the product. The telzon said $24 and I was heated. The wrestling ring some how said $19. The female employee rolled her eyes when my son was holding the wrestling ring.

So I asked them what their name was and so when I got in the car I wrote down the name and when I got home, I called Corporate.

Target should train their employees more about respect. That was bs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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I did not scam do not know my story so *** off


How did they disrespect you? Not allowing you to cheat them is not disrespecting you.

You knew the price was wrong. I am contacting CPS because you are knowingly teaching your son how to scam and steal.


Time of the month...nuff said.


Actually, I should have realized by the poster's name that it was a joke complaint - well maybe not a joke but a made up complaint just to draw fire. See Skullpuppy's other complaint about the Maxi-pads - it's hysterical,as are the responses!


So you have their name. What do you plan to do with it?

What good do you think it's going to do you? The price was $24. Pay it or don't.

Either way stop being such a pain in the *** customer. Get over yourself.

to Simon Phoenix, Arizona, United States #777425

My plan is to make those people feel like a-holes

to skullpuppy #777433

I think you did it backwards.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #776268

"I got heated" Well there you go - you admit it but you still don't get it. What do you mean "around" nineteen dollars?

Is that what was marked on the ring?

Or is that what you thought was its value? Yes, I think you are confused!

to MikeBrady Phoenix, Arizona, United States #776343

it said $19 on the *** wrestling ring


It's BS that you would make a mountain out of mole hill over a fake wrestling ring. You can bet your bottom dollar for that price it wasn't real.

Furthermore no matter how badly a son of mine wanted one I wouldn't buy it for him. You should be trained with better manners than to get heated over a *** fake ring. If your precious son wanted it so badly don't quibble over $5.00. How do you know that the employee that rolled eyes, didn't have some kind of tic that causes her to do that.

There are all kinds of reasons a person can do that without it being that they are doing it to offend you. Get over yourself.

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