I was going to buy a product that was clearly marked 69.99 and when I went to pay it was 99.99. I asked for a price check and met a department associate where the product was marked.

The associate proceeded to show me another product and stated she would change the signs for the pricing. When I asked if they would honor the price marked in the sjgn I was referred to a manager. After speaking with a manager she stated she would have to contact another department manager. At this point she was unwilling to say if they would honor the price.

Overall Target was unwilling to provide good customer service and they would not honor the price, when they had their products mistagged. I left without making a purchase and unhappy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Target sucks enough said

Titusville, Florida, United States #785293

JC and everyone else here is how the law views this problem. The first part of the sales contract between you and a retailer is your offer to buy the goods (at the incorrectly marked price).

The second part is their acceptance of your offer in return for 'consideration' (cash, etc). If they accept your offer then yes they are legally obligated to let you have the good you paid for (They can't go running after you in the parking lot to get you to pay more).

However if you offer to buy the goods at the incorrect price and the retailer realizes the price is wrong they can simply refuse your offer to buy and this is PERFECTLY LEGAL.

Many people (obviously) think the incorrect price is binding, it is not. The retailer is making an "invitation to treat" in other words inviting people to make an offer to buy which he/she is free to decline.


So if you have a friend go through the store in front of you and move products over a lower price tag you think the store should give it to you for the lower price? A store has the right to charge the correct price for an item.

Whether you had a friend move product or another customer decided to buy a less expensive item than the one he had in his cart and switched them out leaving the higher priced item in the worn spot they don't have to give it to you because it's in the wrong spot. I'm sure you wouldn't demand they charge you more if the price came up lower at the register.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #784727

The right thing to do in this case is to honor the sale tag other wise company will loose business fast, is better sometimes to honor the tag price that loose the customer forever, remember companies are in serious competitions every single second, minute, hour, and day gold is not to loose customer for no reason at all sometimes some members of management are not competent and let business and sometimes good employees goes away bad administration inexperience are the problem beside they have some manager that are so RUDE,WITH EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS that are not focus at detail that matter to help companies need.


good thing you LFET TARGET. never shop here again.

they are data mining and selling your credit card information to thieves. 110,000m customers have had information they are not entirely sure what information was stolen first no pins now pins, next week social security numbers, and probably even drivers license numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So in the end you are not out a penny and you're still crying? That doesn't sound like poor customer service. Just a poor customer.


So you call it bad customer service when Target refused to sell you something that wasn't on sale, for the sale price. Things in stores get put in the wrong place all the time.

Things like that happen all the time.

to anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #784749

Then they are breaking the law. They have to honor the incorrect price BY LAW!

to jc Chicago, Illinois, United States #809682

Not quite. What you are referring to is the scanner law.

That does not come into effect until it is scanned at the register. Hecjust got a price check, so they can still legally declne the sale price

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