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We went to the Target in Queen Creek, AZ first thing in the morning as they first opened. We did our shopping and went to check out, but no check out lines were opened, only a self check out.

We started to scan our item & bag them. We came to an item which didn't scan so we held the item to the side & continued to scan. A target employee came over & started going through our bags even though I had held the item out which did not scan and told her that. I asked her why there wasn't any line opened & she said the self service is all they had opened right now.

I said what happened to customer service, maybe we should go somewhere else and she responded yes you should. We filed a complaint with the store & headquarters on August 22nd and as of today September 16 have not heard from them. I'd think an apology was in order, but it looks like Target is only out to make money.

Well guess what I won't shop there again & I will bad mouth Target as much as I can. Don't shop at Target.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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Target is selling watered down liquid laundry detergents. Apparently it must have been returned to the store shelf without anyone checking it.

After noticing I had purchased the wrong laundry detergent HE (used for front load washers ) instead of regular , I returned it with my receipt shortly afterwards the same day.

I only wanted to exchange it but the customer service woman said it was watered down. I showed her the receipt telling her we had just purchased the detergent the same day, hours earlier and if it was watered down then that is how Target sold it. She asked her customer service supervisor who was much nicer as she wasn't making accusations like her and it was refunded.

The original customer service cashier reluctantly refunded it as she kept stating accusations that the container was supposed to be heavier, putting her finger in the container saying it had been watered down.

Several other Target guests were in the return line listening to her continued accusations with one saying they've had the same happen to them by the same customer service woman. To say the least it was embarrassing and very poor customer service when we are supposed to be "Target Guests".

Make you wonder how desperate Target is hiring their employees when this is what Target customers have to deal with.The other customer service rep politely returned several packages of rotted fresh meat (steaks and ground meat packages) likely due to days of power outages from Hurricane Irma but was never accused of bringing items back due to not having been properly refrigerated.


Target hasn't had "customers" for years. For some reason they started calling the people that shop there "guests".

Have you ever been treated like a guest? Have you ever been offered a beverage while you shopped?

How about a place to sit and relax? If they have never treated you like a guest in the first place, why would you expect them to care what you think about their "guest service"?


I would think that's a corporate decision to only have self-checkout open first thing in the morning. Keep calling corporate, the worker has nothing to do with this.

to aliens_amoung_us #1370403

That or write a letter to their Corporate Headquarters.



Exactly what did you expect the self check out attendant to do about the poor customer service?

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