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Not all Halloween costumes are BOGO! This is not disclosed in the email advertisement.

Buyer beware, it only applies to items marked as BOGO. I tried to get Paw Patrol Chase and the Toddler size is no longer available. The toddler size was BOGO, but not the next size up S(4-6). The Target customer service staff on the phone would not apply the promotion to the same costume, different size.

I just had one of the WORST customer service experiences because they do not care about their customers. They will not make exceptions to an a not so clear advertised promotion. They only care about selling the items they need sold. The other item that qualified was a Dinosaur costume that was in store only.

It had the BOGO promotion, but I could not add it to my cart, which was why I called in for help. The first lady that I was on the phone with was going to manually apply the promotion for me, but we got disconnected. The floor manager would not manually apply the promotion, she said it had to be automatic. But when I said it does not work automatically because the store item would not let me add it to my cart to pay online and pick up in the store.

The system in that case would not work, so it was not automatic. All I really wanted was to be reconnected with the first agent or have the first agent call me back and let me know this information. She was the one who told me I should get the 2nd costume free for any Halloween costume and was going to apply the promotion to my order before we were disconnected.

This is a side note that did not effect me directly, but when I was in the Titusville store in Florida the other week checking out, I over heard the floor manager say they had just got their first red card and that they needed to sell 12 more.

He wanted everyone to get the word out to the customers to get them to add the red card items to their cart. It left a sour taste in my mouth as I was checking out and made me wonder what kind of savings am I really getting with a red card?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My guess is from your attitude is that you were buying the toddler costumes for yourself? They do not have to bend the rules just for you.

I am sure you won't be missed. What makes you think you are so special that you think they should change the rules just for you?

to KevinRichards #1050784

She is a parent, sometimes people think that because they are parents they should get special treatment. They think they should be able to cut in line because their children are cranky. They think they should be served first in a restaurant even though people order after them because their kids are hungry ect.

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