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I purchased a Motorola modem/wireless router a year ago and also purchased a 2 year extended warranty. The modem went out today so I took it back to Target and was told that I have to send it in and would get a Target gift card.

What a joke. I was told by the customer rep that I should have read the fine print of the warranty. Who is going to pull out the warranty paper in the checkout lane and read it. My wife works from home and we need the modem/wireless router now.

The store manager said his hands were tied and could not do anything. We are cancelling our Red cards and will never set foot in Target again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $154.

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So you did not understand the warranty you bought and that is Target's fault? You really thought you could just walk out of the store with a brand new router? This must be the first warranty you've bought.

to Simon Papillion, Nebraska, United States #842946

You're a ***! They should give a new router right then! Go away please.

First Born Triplet
to anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #843083

You don't like people's replies then maybe you should not be sharing reviews. They have every right to comment as you have a right to post. You signed something before reading it, you could have very well signed your soul to the devil or signed the deeds to your house or your first born child.

to First Born Triplet Papillion, Nebraska, United States #845256

You're a *** douche just like Simon.

to anonymous Portland, Maine, United States #843456

Don't pay no attention to Simon, he works for Target and everyone has him figured out. Yes, I agree they should of given a router on the spot!

Orlando, Florida, United States #842615

" If your product qualifies for replacement, we will issue you a Target Gift Card for the original purchase price. You can then replace your non-working product with a new one—perhaps even the latest version!* "

This is part of the replacement plan description/details. How did you miss this?

First Born Triplet
to MattD78 Markham, Ontario, Canada #843084

They signed before reading and blamed Target for it.

Queens, New York, United States #842576

I wonder when that douchefag named Simon is going to comment on this post?

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