I was in target this evening around 945 and could not get one single employee to help me, they were to busy yelling and singing to each other across the store...and not one would stop to help, and went out of their way to avoid me....Target used to be such a nice place to shop...but I have to tell you that the customer service and the employees at this store are just horrible...and I will not be shopping there anymore...its pretty sad that this chain has become so confident that they dont feel its important to be nice to their customers or even show they care for them.....if it wasnt for shoppers these people would not have a job...you would think they would show a bit of respect...its sad..that that isnt important to Target anymore...

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Waterford, Connecticut, United States #769947

The Customer Service people do not take the customers seriously. They dismiss and disregard the customer until the customer becomes angry, then they dismiss them again as, "just another angry customer." They do not respond to what is going on around them, they just shrug and robotically say, "Have a nice day."

Stafford, Virginia, United States #765404

Yeah in my target I'm lucky to find some one who speaks English.

Busby, Montana, United States #765366

You complain that they did not stop to help you. Has it ever occurred to you to ask for help.

Or do you need mommy to speak for you.

They are not mind readers.

Then they have customers who complain they are not allowed to shop in peace if they offer help without asking. The best thing for an adult like yourself to do is ask for help.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #765359

Target has forgotten who is paying who. Rude is Target's new motto.

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