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I purchased a pair of drapes for my daughters college apt. We misplaced the receipt and found it after 90 days.

The color we purchased did not match the furnishings. I went back to Target after finally finding the receipt to see if they still had the drapes. They did have the color we needed and the color we had previously purchased. They had not been on sale and were still the same price that I had purchased them for.

I asked to exchange them for a different color and they could not because it had been 90 days. I did not see on the receipt anywhere that it could not be exchanged if they had the same item at the same price. They said I could purchase the color I needed, but that I would also have to keep the others because they could not take them back as an exchange.

This makes no sense as far as customer service goes. Why, when they have the same exact item at the same exact price and my receipt shows I purchased it there, could they simply not do an even exchange.

I realize that I am just a little person who happens to have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in there stores in several cities and they are so big that they do not have to be concerned about my piddly little $60.00 purchase of drapes, but I still think customer service is important. As a small business owner of retail stores, if someone brings something back to our store with the tags still on, receipt or no receipt and we still have the item in stock, we will gladly exchange it. That is called customer service!! We are small so we are very concerned about returning customers.

On the day that this happened, I had about $300.00 worth of merchandise in my basket which I left with the manager.I will not shop here any more and will discourage my family not to as well. As a longtime shopper of Target, I was shocked that $60.00 dollars worth of drapery was worth losing a customer. YOU HAVE THE MERCHANDISE IN STOCK AT THE SAME PRICE!!!!! Go figure.

Just made me realize that they do not want my business. Fine.

After thinking about it, I will search out the little stores who strive on customer service.

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Here we go again. It seems like another person who expects them to bend the rules for them.

If you really were a long time shopper as you claim to be you would know about the 90 day return policy.

Maybe like Irish said not physically but mentally you really are ten years old. Your behavior sure reflects this.


Just because you are a careless child, does not mean they have to cave in to you. You lost the receipt, didnot find it till 90days Maybe get mommy to take care of your future receipts.

Not only do you act ten from your carelessness but your behavior as well, you did not get your way so you did the childish thing and left the $300 worth of purchases at the desk. Your not spending thousands of dollars there will not harm them in any way because they have lots of people, people more mature and careful than you who spend just about that much.


dave--that's illegal.

Unfortunately 90 days is the rule.

Sometimes the system is able to get around that rule if you purchased it with a credit or debit card. By presenting that at guest services you may have been able to get a refund.


It says on the reciept 90 days, why do you think you can add your own rules to that?


you should have just bought the color you wanted, switched packages and then returned them with the new package and new receipt


Being a long time Target shopper. I am aware that Target clearly has a 90 day return policy in which where a reciept is REQUIRED.

You lost your reciept, sorry, but I do not see where that is Targets problem. Secondly, you were looking for an item in a different color. Notice the word DIFFERENT.

This means it is not the the exact item.

Also, what's great about Target, is if I lose my recipet, they can look it up if I purchased with my credit card.

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