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What can i say target? I am dissapointed in you :( last time I went I asked a store manager if there were jobs available and a black cashier had to open her big mouth to let me know that she wouldn't let someone else take her job but the manager apologized for the cashier's rudeness i dont like how the employees favor each other they think they own target or something for being friends but they are wrong , they discriminate against whoever they dont like and take abuse of their customers and since they got new inventory like clothes and accesories from neiman marcus they can take abuse of their customers by making prices skyrocket when you can get a better bargain i find it ridiculous that there is people who pay that much for their sorry inventory please take your money somewhere else like walmart or the dollar tree but please dont be fooled by their hipocrite store i am dissapointed in a purchase from their store i bought a razor and the blade does not cut really good i barely used it and it is wearing out everytime i shave it burns my neck and face and i payed like 45.00 dollars for that *** thing I am not going to buy from their foney inventory again unless they get better quality stuff

Monetary Loss: $45.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #629560

You sound like a racist... But what can I expect from Texas. I am glad Target did not hire you.

Cumming, Georgia, United States #622854

With a post like that bad mouthing Target and you wonder why they did not hire you. A little advise. Do not bad mouth a prespective employer if you want to get the job.

Irvine, California, United States #593090

lol...Learn to spell *** and stop watching day time television, maybe if you combine those two things you can get a job working at Target. Just hope the application isnt a spelling bee

Boyertown, Pennsylvania, United States #591574

alright, calm down


You most definitely have to pass a drug test to work at Target. At the same time, the customer can be more of an *** than the cashier.


I don't think Target hires people that use drugs.

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