Bought package of cd's that were repackaged and red labled for 9.40 once we got the cd's home and tried to burn some music they didnt work. Returned cd's asking for a different pack because the ones they sold me were defective.

the manager told me i only had three options which were to show her the receipt, my drivers license, or give her a credit card. I told her that i could understand needing those things if i was randomly returning something, trying to get cash or returning an expensive item. I am only wanting another pack so i dont feel i need to give your store all this private information. She then got nasty and told me "again you only have the three options i gave you".

i asked to speak to another manager or her supervisor. she then said I'm it, i am the store manager and you can leave now. She then called the police on us. Her collegues were looking at us with such sympathy.

They whispered their apologies as we asked her why are you kicking us out the store? We did not yell,curse or thrreaten you in any way. This manager just looked at us and said I dont have time to keep you in my line when their are other people so im calling the police and you all can leave! My husband and i along with our young children were kicked out!

The assistant manager wanted to help us but her boss wouldnt let her.

I will never shop at Target again! #sohumiliated

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Anonymous, you think the original poster was me..? I haven't been on this site in like 2-3 months.

unlike you, loser, I don't live in my parents basement and spend all of my time on the internet trying to become friends with fellow Target haters. as for Jedi, I don't know where they went but I'm sure they would say the same thing. they have a life, unlike you.

as for this story, I'm sure it was fake. I can't see the police being called for a $9 exchange/return.


What private information? She wanted the receipt, if you lost that then you have to produce either your id or the credit card you bought the item with.


Good. If you can't behave yourself in public, then stay home.

You were given your options for a return. Either abide by one of them or STFU and leave.

Hey Anonymous from Pittsburgh:
Don't get over yourself!!! :( :(
Get over Target.

There is no reason on earth for being treated like a common criminal when trying to return a defective item to a store.

Target is infamous for doing that and you don't have to take it!!! :p :p


Get over yourself. The store just wanted to make sure you purchased the CDs at Target instead of bringing a pack they bought 5 years ago from Wal-Mart to exchance at the service desk.

They were nice enough to offer to look up your purchase by credit card or ID. But instead, you had to a cause a scene because you didn't want them to verify you purchased the CDs.о

I just have to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh some more over the ...uh... names ...

listed on these comments!

What's yours again? :grin :grin :grin

Whatever happened to those foos?

Hey Anonymous Pittsburg, have you heard anything from IHateStupidCustomers or JediKnightEthan yet? :grin
You sound so similiar; I'm sure you have a lot in common! :p
Hey Anoymous from Pittsburg, IHateStupidCustomers and JediKnightEthan, sound familiar? :p

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