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I bought a bike from Target on the very east side of Cincinnati, OH late night on a Friday since I was going on a bike ride the next day. I was told by the sales person that "the bike is returnable if there is anything wrong with it".

I took the bike directly home (in my car), tags still on it, never ridden. Once home, I tried to adjust the seat and make sure the bike was good to go for the next morning to go on my ride. The seat would not stay up or remain still at all. The latch or something was definitely defective.

I called the store first thing Saturday morning and was told no refunds, no exchanges, and that they could have a bike technician look at it next week to see if they could fix it. Their bike was defective and I was stuck with it...a bike that still had the tags on it. It turned out to be an all day battle back and forth with two unprofessional Managers who could have cared less about taking care of a customer. They both refused to even give me their Corporate phone number.

They had another bike in the store and STILL refused to exchange their defective brand new bike out that I JUST bought that had not even touched the ground yet.I found the Corporate number, talked to a Supervisor and she told me as long as the bike had not been ridden I could get a refund, exchange or repair. SO, these 2 managers put me through heck for an entire day, I missed my bike trip, and they lied hence losing a long time customer (me). All they had to do was trade the bike out for me and they refused. After this horrible incident, I have done some research about Target and it is not good.It turns out, they do not support our military, they are very shady on returns and so many customers have been treated horribly.

I will NEVER shop at Target again and I will be sure to tell the bike story to everyone that I can. Shame on you Target.

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There is more to this story. What did they say was reason for not allowing the return?

Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States #645754

Who cares if they don't support the military!?! Lol


pretty crappy experience by Target but hey look, another creepy anonymous poster!



Target is terrible and they are losing customers in droves because of their policies.

I'm not sure if Target knows this, but if they gain one customer, they lose two by word of mouth complaints.

Rock on Target. Not many want your cr@p anymore. You could throw a ball from the front to the back of their stores and miss all of their customers because the store is so empty. Yeah, just rock on!

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