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I sho do wish that there was a target store near where I live. I used to price match really great Target deals at Wal-Mart Community Grocery store until they "cracked down on it" and stopped doing it in July 2017.

Target has much better grocery deals than Wal-Mart does. I'm tired of the same faces watching me use the self-checkout like they think I'm going to try to bag something without ringing it up. I want to shop at Target so I can have some fresh new faces watching me use the self checkout lanes. And also, being a germ-o-phobe, the restroom policy at Target doesn't bother me because I very rarely use public restrooms unless it is a diarrhea emergency.

Every time I shop at my Local Wal-Mart community grocery store, I feel awful and guilty for being one of those people who have stopped buying most of their groceries from locally owned Market Basket. Market Basket used to really do the business and it was the only grocery store in town, so everybody would shop there and they were a very successful store. Now, mainly it's just anti-Wal-Mart people who shop at Market Basket. They know that they are paying more money for almost everything, but they value having a cashier check them out and employees to take their groceries out to their car for them and load them up for them.

I feel like a heel for doing most of my shopping at Wal-Mart.

But, I sure do wish that they would put up a real big Target store right next door to Wal-Mart here, so that the Target could then take away most of Wal-Mart's customers with their lower prices on groceries and full selection of clothing and electronics etc. I would take all of my business to this new Target if they would move in.

Reason of review: i'm unhappy that there isn't a target nearby that i can grocery shop at.

Preferred solution: put a target store as close as my local wal-mart as possible to take away their customer.

I liked: That target has better grocery deals than wal-mart does.

I didn't like: That there isnt a target store near me for me to shop at.

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Many poor people hate shopping at Wal-Mart because of their Ruthless, Predatory ways, but can't help themselves, because they are just so desperate and poor that they have to go by what store has the best price.


I think that is Amazing that Target is able to offer such great deals to everyone and I think that they are one of the best run companies in America, doing the right thing in spite of losing business.


I think that Veterans should receive special discounts when they shop at Target as a way of giving thanks to them for their service.


One time they had a story on the nightly10'oclock news about a poor black lady who lived in a run down mobile home with opossums living in it. The reporter asked her "Do you think that you should have opossums living in your trailer for $300 a month?" and the poor lady replied "I Don't Think That You Should Have Opossums Living In Your Trailer For A Dollar A Month!" Me and my mama laughed our a$$e$ off when she said that.


The religious right says that everyone is either "Born a Man" or :Born A Woman?" What about all of the people who are born intersexed with both male and female genetalia? The religious right also says that "God Don't Make No Mistakes!" so they can't say that all of these millions of people who are born intersexed were a mistake. God must have wanted them to be like that, because he "Don't Never make No Mistakes" so he must have meant them to be born like that.


I was just eating at Popeyes and I saw what looked like a man walking into the store, but I could tell that it was a woman because you could see breasts, but I wasn't sure because some fat men look like that. Well, if she had gone into the ladies room at Target, there is the strong possibility that someone would have gotten upset because she was could have passed as a man for sure.

Especially if someone couldn't see very well. She also had a real deep masculine sounding voice and was wearing men's clothes and had a butch men's haircut, but part of it was died so she kind of looked like a *** man. If she had decided that she had wanted to use the men's room anywhere in America, I doubt that anyone would have said anything about it.

But if she had went into any ladies room in America, she very highly likely would have been thought to have been a man using the ladies restroom. So all of you people that are all freaking out about people using the restroom have to remember that there are alot of Butch ladies that look like men and could easily pass as a man and sound like a man when they talk, who could be using that ladies restroom.


I don't know that you will find better deals at Target. I have to pass Target on my way to Walmart to shop for groceries.

Prices are similar but Walmart has twice the selection. Target depends heavily on vendors buying shelf space.

That's why you will see and entire 4'wide section of one product and a very limited selection of other brands. I only use Target as a convenience store as they are a few miles closer to home.

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