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I think that Target should Bring Back the Good Old Days by making sure that all of the clothing sold in it's stores is made by people in the United States of America. Target should make sure that all of it's employees are very friendly and courteous and they should do away with all of the self-checkout lanes and replace them with Good Old Fashioned Gregarious Cashiers and Baggers who will bring the groceries out to your car and load them up for you.

Target wouldn't have to increase prices for this, because they get such a huge increase in business that it would pay for itself. Please Target, Bring Back The Good Old Days.

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The so called "Good Old Days" of the 1950's weren't so good for African Americans who experienced much racism and segregation. They had separate water fountains, separate bathrooms, separate swimming areas.

I cried tears of joy when President Barack Obama was elected and jumped for joy and shouted like I had just won the jackpot in the lottery. President trump would like to make this country be like it was again during the time of Open, Blatant Racism.

to TickleMeMcHomeless #1593178

What an asinine comment. The OP didn't post anything about the 50s or racism. Get off your high horse and crawl back into your hole.


Don't expect this to happen. Target is a big box discount store.

If you look at the history of the company you would know it started as Dayton's. Dayton's was a high end department store and they opened Target stores as a discount store to generate sales from people that were looking for more affordable products.

The company's name was changed to Target about 20 years ago and the Dayton's stores were sold off. As they make more money as a discount store, do you really think they are going to go back to selling higher end products and raising their prices?

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