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Target should allow homeless people to beg for money outside of their stores, just like they allow school groups and charities to do. Folks leaving the store could hand out a loaf of bread or a ration of dried beans or a package of bologna to the poor people down on their luck asking for help.

And some formerly homeless people who are now doing well, who had "Been There/Done That" could even hand over the poor homeless person a case of beer and a carton of cigarettes as well. Some folks who were feeling particularly genrous could hand over a couple of twenties to the homeless person begging and say "You Know, I Decided That instead Of giving To the Salvation Army this Year, That i Am Going To Give You This Money Instead!" Some of the customers could even ask the homeless beggar for their clothing sizes and go buy them some new clothes and a warm winter coat and hat and scarves and gloves. many of the homeless are forced to wear ill-fitting clothes in strange mix matched colors and ill fitting shoes from thrift stores and end up looking like clowns because of it. Some Target customers could buy some really good food for the homeless people, stuff that they like to eat, rather than the ration of dried beans and bread and bologna like some folks think they should eat.

I would be glad to see that the poor homeless person begging outside of target could get the help that they need from the community. maybe even a nice person would take them in under their wing and give them a room to stay in their home and/or give them employment. Maybe some folks would even invite the poor beggar to go shopping with them so that they could try on and pick out some clothes for themselves and so that they could pick out some food and other camping gear that they may need. Target, Please at least allow the Homeless people to beg for help in front of your stores during the Christmas Season.

Tell the Salvation Army that, due to their selfish behavior, that they will no longer be allowed to ring their bell outside of their stores during the Holidays, but that actual homeless people in need will be replacing them. Thank You Target for your consideration.

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I don't like to have to pass by ANYBODY begging for money when I shop at Target. It always reminds me of the scary homeless looking people asking for money for beer and tobacco at street corners.


The Salvation Army donates to the homeless. If you allow homeless people to stand outside the stores, what's to stop people who are simply looking for a handout but not in actual need from doing it?

Noone will shop at Target if there are homeless out front.

They can also be potentially dangerous. This is ridiculous.

to Anonymous #1584213

That's why I almost never hand out donations for people asking for money. They could be someone who has a home who is just trying to get money for drugs or booze or cigarettes.

If I really know that someone is in need, I don't mind helping them by buying them something to eat or giving them some warm clothes or blankets. But I feel very uneasy just handing over money to someone not knowing what the situation really is.


If you give one of these Homeless beggars some canned goods, make sure that you give them a can opener so that they can open them up. Nothing sucks more than being extremely hungry and having canned food that you don't have any way to open. Try to give them pop-top cans if you can.


The Salvation Army treats the people staying at it's shelters with disrespect and they charge outlandish prices for furniture that they receive for free.

to WhoDaFuckIsThisAnonymousPerson #1585273

Why do you say people staying in the shelters are treated with disrespect? The money they get from selling furniture in their stores goes towards funding their services.

They obviously aren't charging full retail prices but no, they aren't giving it away either. They are selling it at a fair price to maximize the money they can get to fund their services.

to Anonymous #1586053

You should go onto the "Salvation Army Pissed Off Consumer Reviews" and read all of the comments and reviews from people who are outraged at the Salvation Army's furniture policies. Thank You Kindly.


A rather ignorant post. Where do you think the money the Salvation Army goes?

In my are the Salvation army offers shelters, food and clothing to the poor and homeless. Target also supports the poor with donations of food to food shelves. Meat that reaches the sell by date is frozen and donated to organizations that distribute food to food shelves. Other food products make their way to food shelves as well.

Giving to organizations that support the needy are an efficient way to provide help to the greatest number of needy. Filling the sidewalks with individuals asking for help isn't the answer.

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