Went to Target to purchase gifts on my niece's baby registry. Got the printout and discovered that only two out of her 30+ items were actually in the store for me to see.

The rest were all listed as "online only". I may be older, but I wanted to see what I was actually getting and experience the joy of putting things in my cart and deciding what I thought would be the most fun to give after hearing the sound a toy makes, or feeling the fluffiness of a blanket, etc. I spoke to the clerk at the customer service desk and was told basically that they prefer online customer sales for these things. After 1/2 hour of frustration, I went to Walmart and got her baby registry there.

I was able to see exactly what she wanted by matching the exact sku numbers (not able to do that at Target) and ended up getting her ten items off her list all at Walmart.

Will NOT be buying from Target anymore.

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What in the **** are you trying to say?


Your niece picked the items listed as "online only" which means she probably did the registry online.

Tell the lazy *** to get off her *** and go to the store so her aunt can enjoy shopping for her.

Obviously it's all about you... how dare her!?


The original complaint was that Target could not make the niece's registry available for this lady to shop for a gift. She is right to complain that Target could not help her - you just confirmed the same thing that she said.

Her point was that Target couldn't present gifts listed on her niece's registry, regardless of why, so she went to Wal-Mart and made her purchases.

Thanks for the informative reply, but the bottom line is, this lady left Target who could not help her and went to Wal-Mart, who did. She is trying to warn people to stay away from Target's registry, both in store and on-line.


Katie is definitely right and so is IzzyE. Your niece picks what she wants to put on the registry.

And different things will be in the store depending on the branch and the size of the store. So what was in her Target, may not have been in yours. Now, granted, it sounds to me like the person you talked to handled it badly. It's not true that Target prefers online sales, in fact, Target and Target.com are two different entities.

What they should have told you was that no one in the store controls what is on the shelves at any given time, not even the store manager.

Which means that, while your position is understandable, there is literally nothing they can do to help you. And since, in the end, you still managed to get something for your niece, I should think it wasn't worth getting that upset about.


Oh yeah. What were we thinking?

Your niece is the culpret here. &tudip girl. Simon said she already knows what the blanket feels like so who do you think you are to want to handle the product you buy? Simon says the registry is good enough for her niece so it should be good enough for you, and you are being selfish buying something for her that you want to see, too.

You know, Simon is right again. He's always right and this is his proof of 9/13/11. You just have to think of more than yourself when you give presents. How dare you want to go to a store and see the product in person you are buying?

That's just selfish and immature on your part. Next time, write to this site and ask Simon before you do something dumb like that again! I'm not joking - Simon knows everything, just ask him.

He's the unadultrated genius of all shopping experiences. Now, take that to the bank and stay away from bothering Target in person!!


Next time, tell your niece to consider your feelings before she adds "online only" items to her registry.

The whole point of a registry is that you know you're getting someone something they've picked out themselves. You don't need to worry about how fluffy the blanket is or how the toy sounds.


I'm with you. I don't want to buy something sight unseen through a registry when I can actually go somewhere else and purchase, wrap and present my gift(s).

I am also with you that I will never do business with Target, who seems to believe that their way of doing business can be dictated as the only way of doing business. I want participation in my gift buying process. If shopping was online only, what would be the point of going to Target at all anyway?

They better wise up before they lose all of any potential business that might have come their way. Don't need it - don't want it.


Katie is right. Also, if she lives in another part of town, city, or state; her items could have been available at her Target but not yours.

For a registry your niece pretty much has a lot of control on what items she picks and some may have been exclusively online, maybe the sales were online. There are many reasons for this that are out of Target's control but certainly within your niece's.


If I am not mistaken, doesn't your niece pick the items that are to be on the registry? I assume they put on it if the item is in the stores or is online only. At least Walmart does it that way.

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