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I am very disappointed that Target has stopped carrying Paula Deen’s products. I feel she made a mistake 30 years ago and has apologized for it. She did not kill anyone. She worked against difficult odds to become the success that she is. If it was possible I would find somewhere else to do my shopping but too many places have dropped her for me to go elsewhere. I hope they will reconsider. It is also almost impossible to find a contact email or number for Target to address the issue. There may be a way but I can't find it.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #688564

I hate rap music f uck that s hit! I hope they pull all that s hit from the shelves.

It sounds like a bunch of people trying to take a s hit! UGH UGH UGH! My god please let all rap music fall off the face of the earth. Paula Deen is OK in my book.

My god it's just a word, get over it!

It's not the worst sin ever. Now who the *** cares and shut the f uck up you dumba sses about the N word.


Paula Deen is awesome! ***.k.

you Simon! You are a c u n t troll. You obviously have no life to be here everyday and comment on all these posts. You obviously do it for s.h.i.t.s.

and giggles. All you want to do is get on here and cause trouble, and give people a hard time!

If it's anyone that's disgusting it's YOU! You are a piece of s h i t

Moneta, Virginia, United States #688159

I say all rap music should be pulled from all the stores, to be fair.

Dallas, Texas, United States #686921

If u take Paula Deen out of Target what about all the rappers that say the"N" word in there songs? Shouldn't you get rid of there CD's also ?

Fulton, Maryland, United States #682865
I'm sure they have bigger fish to fry. Go to biglots and call it a day :eek

The problem is for every nutjob like you that think Paula Deen should be given a pass for her disgusting behavior, there are thousands of intelligent people who won't have anything to do with a business that supports her. Target made a wise business decision by dropping her. You will just have to learn to live with it.


The problem with Paula Deen isn't just that she used the "n" word thirty years ago. There is also legal proceedings against Ms.

Deen, her brother, sons and all of their restaurants, for sexual harassment and and discrimination.

I quit watching her show several years ago, and also quit watching the food network about the same time. After while all the shows are re-runs and who wants to watch re-runs of people cooking.

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