I consider Target a family store. It is great to see young people employed there. But, the last time I was there was a young woman with multiple piercings on her face. One in her nose and one in her lip. Each has a large ring with pointy end like dark black daggers. She was in the process of explaining to a small child that she just liked them. She could barely move here mouth. Then I saw a tattoo on her rolled up sleeve. Well I guess there are no standards at Target.

I though Target was a family store with class. I was nauseated. Many piercing and tattoos are not even sanitary. I was waiting for the puss to come out if hers. Or the pointy ends off the hoops to catch on the one of the items in the check out line.



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Wow....judgmental piece of crap. And no, I don't have tattoos or piercings....I also don't treat others like garbage because they do. You should just stay home.


You’re annoying.As someone with “multiple face tattoos” (2 Lip Piercings, A Nose Piercing and a Tongue Piercing) customers like you are infuriating.

Piercings are not dirty if properly cleaned, and are actually rather hygeinic once healed. Under your “logic”, ear piercings are also “dirty”.

These people are friendly and working hard, and a simple hole in your face with a tad bit of metal through it does not determine someone’s worth or work ethic.But from what I gather from you, you are a very judgemental and rude person.


Sigh.....I don't ever want to meet you in person.

I have tattoos and piercings, I"m over 50, and working full time for the last 34 years in a professional corporate environment.I'm not "unsanitary", not "family un-friendly", not "low standards".

If you automatically think that, then you need to remove yourself from society.

Do us all a favor, for you are most likely unsanitary, not family-friendly, and have low standards.

The people you mock would be eternally grateful.Honestly.


Your complaint would carry more weight if you could spell.It's PUS not PUSS..

unless you were waiting for a cat to step our of that piercing. Now THAT would have been worthy of writing about. Seriously lady, get real. So you know, I'm not someone who is personally interested in multiple piercings or gauges.

I'm 51 and have two tattoos.. both of which I've gotten in the past three years. If it is your standard practice to pass judgement on people based on how they look, you've got issues of your own.

As far as target being a "Family Place", again, are you serious?I feel sorry for your children, being raised by people who deem anything that scares them as bad.


You obviously know nothing about piercings. They don't randomly pus and they're perfectly sanitary.


Judging, as in God's Word, the Bible, is NOT telling people they are doing something wrong or bad.Most books in the NT are Paul, or someone telling whole cities what they were doing wrong.

Jesus told people they were doing wrong. And afterwards He also said,"Go and sin no more". I guess a lot of parents, according to people's definition of judging, are judging their own kids. I was taught right from wrong and good from bad, and never once thought I was being judged.

The Bible tells you to go go your brother and tell him when he is doing wrong/bad. If he doesn't quit, you take another person with you and if he doesn't quit you take hime before the church, and if he keeps on, you kick him out. Churches would not have so much bad in them if they followed this. Judging is when you condemn a person, and break them.

Like when you tell kids they're no good, ***, useless, will never amount to anything. You destroy their self worth and ruin them. Just like a judge , who judges a person/crime, condemns them to prison. It's basically ruining them.

That is God's way of judging.The world is doing what God said they would, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil". A lot of bad stuff is now 'good' these days. God never changed His meaning of good/evil.

A lot of bad happens because people have changed what is good/bad.Our going to *** in a hand basket country is a great example.


Lol *** you. She didnt even do anything to you. Youre disgusting ***


I was just in the hospital with a life-threatening illness..the attending physician had tattoos and piercings...did these tats or piercings interfere with his ability to do his job?


People who think they have a right to tell others what to do with their bodies MAKE ME SICK!


Piercings are completely sanitary!!If you knew anything about them you'd know that.

I applaud target for allowing employees to be themselves. Sounds like a good place to work.

Welcome to the 21st century you hateful ***.Glad I won't be seeing you around target.


People like this nauseate me.


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