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I've been trying to get the photo up loader online to upload some pictures from my computer and when I click on upload photos nothing happens, it wont take me to my pictures or anything. Whats the point of advertisement if it don't work?

I've been waiting for 4 hours to see if it would work, trying over and over again and nothing!!!

I'm trying to make a baby book and the target photo up loader is ***. I think I'll try a different store, it wouldn't even let me use the store right next to me because there program is not updated, they gave me stores that are 15 miles away when I have one two blocks from me, somebody really needs to fix the online system!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Wow, calling names that needs to be censored. Do you talk to your baby like this? Not their fault you do not know how to work the photo uploader.

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