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On January 12, 2012 at about 3:00pm I went into the Canton MI Target on Ford Rd. to have some prescriptions filled.

They refused to fill them because the physician forgot to write the quantities on it. I asked them if they could contact the Drs. office and verify them and they refused to do that too. Instead of telling me they weren't willing to fill them they told me that they were didn't have enough of the medications.

I went home, called my Drs. office, clarified that they could verify the medication over the phone with the pharmacy, called the pharmacist (Shannon) to make sure and she accused me of wanting to alter my medication prescription and refused to fill it. Instead of telling me the truth, they lied about having the medication and gave me the run around.

I loved Target, I've shopped there for years. Never again will i step foot into a Target and refuse to spend a penny there.

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Yo, bro, the clincher is actually that the pharmacist is getting blamed for not filling an improper prescription

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #426350

this is unbelievable.....your doctor does not fill in the quantity and you blame the pharmacists

unbelievable....your doctor "forgets" to fill in the quantity and you blame the pharmacist. don't you know that they require a new script when that happens? they can lose their livelyhood over something like that. you doctor is a fault for that......get a grip


Yo bro, anyone can make a mistake, even the doctor. No ones perfect except may be you.

The clincher is that Target refused to help this person, not once but five times. Thats not a mistake, thats a career!!

Serioursly, quit giving excuses when yours are so lame.


But you would continue to go to a doctor's office that doesn't know how to properly fill out a perscription form? Seems silly to be so concerned over the pharmacist filling the perscription when the doctor is so inept.

Even if she did fill the perscription, who knows if the incompetent doctor gave her the right medications. Serioulsy, find a competent doctor in the first place and there would never be an issue.


I love that Target store on Ford Rd. Getting prescriptions filled at Target is like buying underwear at Toys'R''s just common sense NOT to do it.

Go to an actual pharmacy in a supermarket or a stand alone pharmacy.

I would never get a medication at Target. That's my 2 cents....and I really like that Target store.


Sir, Seek help for your prescription medication abuse


Qtip - If the poster's last statement is in any correct, then you would be wise to use a different pharmacy altogether.

Any pharmacists who cannot pick up a phone and verify a prescription or send a fax to the doctor's office with their questions isn't competent enough to deal with on a permanent basis.

Don't leave your health and possibly your life to such an inept person (Shannon). If she is incapable of working with a doctor's office, who knows what she is capable of doing with mistakes that aren't so obvious?


How do you know that they didn't have enough of the prescription? Maybe they finally just told you that because they didn't feel that this was a legitimate prescription and didn't want to risk losing their license/face prosecution.

Try putting yourself in Shannon's shoes; I mean, what kind of a doctor forgets to write the quantity of medication to be dispensed??? If I were you, I would look for a different doctor, maybe one that is competent.


There is nothing funny about trying to secure medication to keep you alive and not being able to get it at your pharmacy. Joe Smith needs some kind of human being implant placed in his cold,accusatory, and hateful heart. What a douc____.

I have done enough business with and read enough reports from people at different venues to know that the Target Corporation has no concern for its customers. To accuse you of altering a prescription and not confirm its authenticity with the originator's office is inhumane.

You will do yourself a great favor to never deal with their business again. There are far too many other business places that are reputable and can accommodate your medical needs.

Please pass this word on to everyone you possible can. Your family, friends, and acquaintances need to know how you were (mis-)treated by Target. (It wouldn't hurt to let them know what genius Joe has to say about you either. This site is only in business to put posters down).


I didn't know that cardiac medications were bogus, sorry i'll use terms you know "drugs that keep me alive". I hope that your never denied prescriptions that you'll need to live someday, your a very closed minded person.

to qtip5454 Austin, Texas, United States #584770

Do you not have a cell phone? It's your doctor and your prescription and other people are waiting to get their rx filed.

Call your doctor and have him/her call in a valid rx. Would you go to McDonald's and demand they call your friend whose order you forgot?


Oh this is a good one. You're a 'pissed consumer' because Target won't fill some bogus prescriptions?

You have got to be kidding.

Go crawl back under your rock. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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