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Went to Target Pharmacy where "On The Spot" Flu vaccinations were offered and was told that the only individual who could administer the shot was on vacation. I asked if maybe another Pharmacist could give the shot and was told only one had been trained.

This store is in Oshkosh,Wi on Koeller Ave. Needless to say my wife and I went to Walgreens down the street and recieved the flu shot from a pharmacy intern with no problems.

This is just another instance of nothing but excuses encountered when dealing with a Target Pharmacy. The store doesn't offer what their ads promise.

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And I thought I was the snesbile one. Thanks for setting me straight.


God forbid that someone is allowed to take a vacation after putting up with аsshole customers who demand they spend 50cents in the store each week for a candy bar.

Pharmacists usually work 12+ hour days with only a 30 minute lunch break. And will coming back for your flu shot the next week kill you?


yeah, I agree Simon. Anonymous is using that whole "one person can make a difference" thing. but unfortunately, he/she is using it because they couldn't follow a simple return policy for a used box of tissues.


For all of Anonymous' ramblings, she hasn't cost Target a penny. Lot's of wasted time for a senseless grudge.


Anonymous, you offer nothing but excuses for your insane behavior.

Man - you're right about Target offering nothing but excuses! If you think the pharmacy is the only department that sucks, thank goodness you haven't had to deal with the retail store!!!

They suck worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :grin ;) 8)

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