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On 11/24/14 while picking up my Rx, I was lied to by an associate named Jennifer. She asked if I had a Pharmacy Rewards Card. I replied no and she told me, "It's great, after the fifth Rx you have filled you save 5%." To which I replied, "I don't get many Rx, I don't think so." Her response, "Just for signing up you'll get 5% off your purchase today." (As she points to my half full shopping cart.) I say, "That would be awesome, thanks!" We enter all of my info and I stand there waiting for the coupon or whatever it's going to be and nothing. I took my Rx and stood there and finally asked, "How do I get the 5% off this purchase?"(motioning to my cart) Her reply, "Oh you don't actually get to use it today, it will be mailed to you." A straight up lie to a SICK customer to make a metric...tsktsktsk. PLEASE NOTE:: I was never offered a consultation with the Pharmacist and have NO knowledge of meds I was given. . I then made the mistake of thinking a manager maybe would want to know his 'Team Members' are doing this. I left my checkout process to someone with me so I could go to the CS desk and let the manager know. First Mgr, assured me he would take care of it....did not have my or associates name. I asked how he planned to do that with no information about which associate it was. His lack of response was reason enough to stop this and just get me the store manager. Unfortunately, this was to no avail. I was asked, "What do you want, I'm not giving you the discount?" and I was appalled. Here I am SICK trying to provide feedback to keep this from happening to others... I was a Store Manager, I know this is not how a company want associates making their numbers. Someone that cares should know the laws being broken at the store in Visalia, CA, leave your company at risk.

Rec info - REC#2-4328-1805-0109-2015-7 and VCD#752-840-475

Also, MY NEW Pharmacy Rewards ID #9890-1441-3990-27

Once home, I called the Store Experience #1-800-440-0680, spoke with Natasha and logged complaint tracking #01540872. She took my info and about 10 minutes into the call I was transferred to Pharmacy/Clinics #1-877-798-2743 where i waited on hold for 27 minutes only to be hung up on when someone finally answered. I then called CVS and asked about my Rx and transferred my Rx info to them. Rather than be treated with such criminal indifference, I will go elsewhere. I am sorry you lost a customer at that store today. I will travel out of town to another Target location or just shop at another store. The sad part is, I gave them three chances in-store to even pretend to care. I hope you can do something to help others, as a customer at the store level, I was unable to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: This can never happen to another customer..

I didn't like: Pharmacy.

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The only point I am going to address is the consultation complaint. You claim you did not get a consultation, and know nothing about your meds....my question is this: Did YOU ask your DOCTOR about the meds when he prescribed them?

Did YOU ask to speak to the pharmacist about the meds when you picked them up?

No? So YOU place the blame for negligence on someone other than yourself then?

Orange, California, United States #906032

The ten year old posting this complaint should have checked with mommy or daddy first. If this child gets the 5 percent in the mail then they are not lying and she still gets her discount.

I agree with you if you really were sick you would not be out shopping. Also I seriously doubt that you are store manager if you don't know the difference between "what" and "that" so it appears you are the one that is lying. I am sure someone old enough to be a store manager knows that the pronoun "I" should begin with a capital. Also someone old enough to be store manager would know that if the discount came in the mail they would still get the discount and are not lying as you claim they are.

They would know this is not something illegal. Nope I see you are the one lying, you are just a ten year old child upset you did not get the discount right then and there.

You will not be returning trust me you won't be missed. The fact that you misunderstood simple English shows that you were never a store manager and are just a ten year old child.


IF you had been REALLY sick you wouldn't have went to all that trouble just to complain. Furthermore, you would have declined the opportunity to get a 5% discount on what you had in your cart.

There have been times that I have been picking up prescriptions that I have been too sick to even worry about as much as a 20% discount on my purchases, or for that matter to even have shopped for other products. Quit whining and grow up!

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #906038

I have a feeling that not only from the attitude but the grammar and spelling mistakes she is lying about ever being a store manager. This is just a ten year old girl writing about how she was lied to when the truth is she does not understand that the discount is mailed to her would mean that it is not lying and she will get the discount.

to KevinRichards Grand Rapids, Minnesota, United States #922382

KevinRichards, This person came to this forum with numbers and personal information in yet another attempt to help her local Target store. yet your attitude (much like Target's attitude) is what he/she get in response.

Clearly this person is not a ten year old and suggesting such and saying Target isn't doing anything illegal is really foolish as you need to be at least 18 to enter this program. I'm not saying Target is doing anything illegal, just misleading, but if they were enrolling any naive 10 year olds or moody fourteen year olds in there rewards program that WOULD be illegal. I to have had bad customer service from a lot of places and, in not one, was I an ignorant 10 year old. Probably a little mad and rude sometimes, but if you work customer service, it is your job to deal with it, and make me want to come back.

Customer service is THE most important part to EVERY business as without us, you are nothing. Sure you can live without me, or even the few people I could persuade, but if that is your standard practice you will 100% guaranteed fail as word spreads.

Also to the original poster, I have had this exact same thing happen to me and on a separate occasion my mother, where we were offered 5% off on that days shopping, or so I thought, to sign up for their red card only to find out that I must wait for approval and would not be getting the discount that day. I personally was ok as when I entered the store I had intended to pay full price anyway, but misleading with a lack a care

to Anonymous #922561

This person may not be ten years old but she sure acts like she is. This is not misleading the discount will be mailed to you.

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