Both pharmicist Karen Shelton I think and counter kid named Brianna both lied to me and my doctors office about a prescription I used to get my HIV meds which are in the thousands each month I quit y'all because of these two individual s my name is M.Ripoll my number is 409 502 2472 please call me I'm ready to tell y'all why I've taken my few thousand dollar order a month to another drug store I would love to speak with some about the service from that kid Brianna she needs to go. If heard complaints from other customer other people who have quit target because of her.

Y'all are losing big money. Look up my history my d o b is 8 30 1960.

My insurance has paid y'all plenty. But not any more

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Your ins pays them $1000 but they pay $989 for your HIV drugs. So I think they'll be ok.

Houston, Texas, United States #815487

Are you male or female? I'll be calling you soon to chat ;)

First Born Triplet
to MrBig Markham, Ontario, Canada #817675

So will I.


Anybody old enough to work in a pharmacy isn't a kid, they are an adult. I have never seen a kid working in a pharmacy, no matter what pharmacy I have been in.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #814927

first off target most likely will never see this complaint as it's a general complaints board NOT 'target customers complaints"

secondly. what did this pharmacist & "kid" lie to you and your doctor's office about exactly?

you never do say.

next, why would you put your phone number on here unless you're just putting someone else's phone number up hoping some creeper calls them up to harass them.

if this is actually your own phone then you deserve to get creepy phone calls.

lastly you should really go over your complaint and fix your spelling and grammar errors. they make you look less competent in your argument.


Target doesn't read these complaints. You just spouted your DOB and phone number to the internet because you have some personal grudge against an employee. Take your prescriptions elsewhere and be done with it.

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