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I was patiently waiting on my doctor to call in my prescription the pharmacist said they never received the prescription. The medication is needed and I do not have any to carry me over.

I asked the pharmacist for a loan on the refill. This has been done before and it is not a controlled substance. In fact it was offered to me on another occasion because the pharmacist had not received the refill. It was only for three pills.

I was told that the pharmacist on duty did not feel comfortable giving me the loan when this was a suggestion given by another pharmacist on another occasion. If it had not been done before that would be one thing, however it has and I need my medication!

Reason of review: Was not able to give me a solution to my issue considering it has been done prior to this incident..

Preferred solution: I would like to receive my 3 day loan on my prescription. This is something that has been done before..

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