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On April 14, 2011, Target received our payment of $1,500.00 They immediately "froze" our will not be un-frozen until April 30th. I found this out on April 18th when the card was refused at the Philadelphia airport.

One hour before we boarded a flight to Dublin so our son could compete in the World Championship's of Irish Dance. I had no "credit card" for the trip. Target ruined everything...but they did say they were sorry for the inconvenience.....

No one could explain "why" the system was designed like this and no one cared!

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I had a similar experience. My payment was made in cash at a store and they still held it until I called and was told the system had no way to know if it was cash.

Do you believe they can't keep track of cash? She then transferred me to someone else who researched it "in another system" to see that it was cash and released the hold.Seems like they are trying to drive customers away.It's working with me! I rarely shop there because of the change in the discount policy.

I much preferred getting the 10% certificate after every $1000 to the 5% every day. If they make it impossible to use your card even after you pay it, you can't get the discount.

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