If you are going to advertise as a grocery store you should be prepared with stock on the shelves. I have been shopping at the super target at Richardson square in Richardson Texas for several years but find myself going less and less because they never have half the items I need. I will be using walmart going forward even though it is out of my way but at least they keep their store stocked.

I am very disappointed in target because through the years I felt there was a higher quality merchandise but if the shelves are empty I'm wasting my time.

Virginia ward


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Empty shelves are often the result of slow employees. It often means the the truck was not fully processed and the product was immeidately back stocked in order to save on payroll.

Through out the day they are supposed to continue to re-stock shelves as well as put up substitutions/rain checks for out-of-stock items. If they can't finish the truck on time they send all of the logistics employees home early, throw everything into carts and push it to the back. I've seen it down many, many, man times. Sometimes they will skip stocking a section altogether in order to save on payroll.

Its the say we did, and don't attitude. It's also how they screw their employees out of making an decent pay.


I wouldn't shop at target. They do not strongly enforce the practice of FIFO which ensures product freshness.

Also, and executive at target told me that they sometimes get nearly expired food in. At the target I worked at, i found food over a 1/2 year past due and pulled it from the shelf. Rediculious. Don't buy your food there.

A co-worker also found meal worms in sealed pouch of target-brand food. That means the food was contaminated to begin with.


What cracks me up is that the Targets are remodeling to include produce, but can't seem to keep but about 5 bruised bananas stocked at any given time of day.


There are many reasons why we might be out of stock on some items. If you wait until the end of the day to do your shopping, then you are going to get empty shelves.

It might also be due to the manufacturer or the warehouse being out of stock. Everybody thinks they are hurting Target by going to Walmart when we full well know they will be in a Target again next month.


just think of it this way you waited till the last minute to go shopping so we sold out of the item it would be awesome if we could have more but we don't. We don't get trucks in a soon as we run out and it can be due from the places that we get the product from doesn't have enough.


Most of the complaints on this site about Wal-Mart are about them not keeping the shelves stocked, so good luck there.

It sounds like you just aren't going to be happy no matter what happens.


I quit shopping Walmart well over a year ago for that very reason. In addition to which, what product was available was a wreck...just tossed anywhere in no particular order.

We began shopping Target, which started out great. Once they expanded their grocery department, they took on the "empty shelf syndrome" as well. It got so bad at their South Setauket (Long Island) store, we actually started shopping a different location, which, of course followed suit. Complaints are not acknowleged, so obviously no one gives a ***.

I guess it's back to Pathmark. I know Target can afford to give up the $600 plus I USED to spend there.

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