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i ordered an item on 10/16/12 for 22$ and change and paid 17.99 cents for shipping so i could have it here by fri 10/19/12, and then i find out that it could arrive on monday 10/22/12 i would not pay that much money for shipping and handling for it to arrive 7 days later,i am really pissed off about this,the only reason i even ordered this from you because you where the only one that had it well after i receive this item i will never order anything from target on line again,and by the way it was a gift for a birthday party i had to go to on sat 10/20/12,so once again thanks alot mary sheehan @ 7 manor dr # 9 stoughton mass 02072

Monetary Loss: $22.

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to msshoper i happen to work a full time job and it is easy to order on line when you don't have the time to get out,the don't call me lazy you probably don't work or maybe you work for target that would make more sense,i paid the extra money because target was the only one that had what i wanted but i did learn a lesson i WILL NEVER ORDER FROM TARGET AGAIN,YOU GET OUT AND ENJOY SHOPPING BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO JOB AND NO LIFE


I do not know why you would pay 17.00 for a 22.00 item to have it shiped. I would go to the store and look for something else or see if I can find it in a local store.

You can not blame Target because you are lazy. That is the problem with a lot of people these days.

They act like they will die if they have to go outside. Me I enjoy getting out and shopping.

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