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We spent over $120.00 the other night. When we got home we found that we were overcharged on two items.

Those overcharges totalled $7.50. The first item was Charmin tissue. The tag clearly stated it was $9.99. The second item was printer ink cartridges.

The tag clearly said $32.99. We were charged $12.49 for the Charmin and $37.99 for the ink. The next morning after the store opened I called the store. Without exageration, the phone rang 10 times.

I hung up and called back and again another 10 times without an answer. So I called the 800 number. After explaining the situation, I was told they cant do anything over the phone. Well duh, no kidding.

My point was for them to take over and handle this. So once I showed my aggravation, suddenly they connected me to the store. Funny how getting a little high pitched in tone, things change. Ok so they connect me to the store.

The person who answered named Nicole said she was a team manager. I told her the situation and she told me to come in and it will be taken care of . Well duh again, they better! She also said she is sending notices to the department heads to take care of those issues.

It gets better. So two days later I go back to Target, wasting my time and efforts. Immediately went to those items. Low and behold, the wrong sale tag was still there and so was the tag for the ink cartridges.

I took pictures and brought it up to the checkout. The cashier was very polite and gave me the refunds. The manager on duty also came up. He seemed to be genuinely concerned and said he would take care of the issue.

The whole point is that sure mistakes happen. But when you bring it up to someones attention and is told it will be rectified, it should be before others are over charged as well. So I got my money back and two $3.00 vouchers. I think my time and gas was more than that and should have been a bit more consideration there.

But thats not my point her obviously.

I do have to say that this is not the first time I was overcharged. Wondering if I even want to continue shopping at Target

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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OK watch the register when they ring you up and mention it on the spot. At least they took care of you and made it right. You wouldn't have wasted time on the phone if you had just gone back to the store in the first place.

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