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These guys are a joke. Go spend your money elsewhere, even Walmart if you must!

Bought a tv that was supposed to come with 2 pair of 3D glasses, the sales guy told me 3 times they were in the box, and was pretty rude that I would even question him. Then get my tv home and sure enough, no glasses. Call down there to speak to electronics and get a guy that actually wasn't rude (he should look for employment at another retailer like best buy). He said that no those glasses aren't in the box they have to be sold as a package.

Unfortunately, he didn't mention they only had one pair. So I wasted a 20 minute drive the next day to go pick up the one pair. Spoke with "guest services" (I sure as *** didn't feel like a guest). They were unwilling to do anything to make sure I got the other pair of glasses.

No offer to ship them, they said no to me getting them at a closer location to my house, and there was almost a general apathy behind the counter for all supposed "guests". So now I'm stuck here with a raincheck for an item I've already paid for, and the associate says he "hopes" it comes in before the raincheck expires. Give me a break.

I'll never ever spend that much money at Target again. After this is all over and I have the other pair of glasses, I may never set foot in there again!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Guest services are a joke. Customers are treated like criminals in that store.

If you need any kind of follow-up service, you are on your own with incompetent employees who mimic the corporate employees in their disregard for you and your business. I hope to never have to shop there again.

However, should that need ever arise, I will take each item out of the boxes there on the sales floor and ensure my purchase. That is the only way you can be sure what you take home is what you actually see included in the box.

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