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You have made a fatal mistake, at least as far as this consumer is concerned, I will NEVER shop in your stores again, I'd rather starve, go homeless, and naked before I give up my faith beliefs.

While your scratching your head trying to figure that out, swallow this... Your marketing team is so socially irresponsible and void of ethics it used the song Hallelujah as a "jingle" with the words changed to highlight shopping at your stores. How dare you encroach on the values held by so very many in so many faiths to use a sacred song of the Christmas season just to grab "someones" attention. Well, you succeeded, you got mine, and I'll be busy telling all the folks I know what you have done.

Bad product is one thing, that happens. Bad social values is a choice to ignore the moral value system of your customers, and on a national basis? Well, all I got to say is, BYE!

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Love it!!

If we don't stand up for our beliefs, we will fall for anything!!!

Thanks for your courage and stand.

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