The Target Department Store in Serling, Virgina has overcharged me the last three visits by scanning the an item 2 to 3 times when I only purchased 1. Numerous other times I have been charged more than the visual store price.

The store management thought it was funny when I was upset about the overcharges. This is the worst retail store I have ever shopped at. It is very unfriendly, has a terrible store manager and calls to the central customer service and district manager are a waste of time.

I will never shopped there again; have hard time not believing that the overcharges are not intended. Especially since after the first overchage was when my wife, who is Chinese did check out.

To verify my suspicion, I left her check out the next 2 times and both time the overcgarge of scanning the same item duplicate times.

There are far to many more reputable retailers for me to use than Target - will never shop there again.

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Buffy (19-04-2010) could be correct about scanner problems. Even if that's the case, it needs to be fixed.

My problem with Target is that they do, indeed, overcharge at the register by charging more than the posted price.

You'd think that with all the fines they had to pay in California, for ripping people off, they'd have learned by now!


I've noticed the shelf price and register price don't match way too often, always higher then the shelf price, never lower, boost the bottom line? and the hassle involved to get a refund is way beyond the amount I was over charged, long lines with total lack of customer service clerks. Tedious process of verifing you were right, I'm so done with Target and as I've learned tonight from my neighbors they were done quite awhile ago for this very reason.

Some state agency who investigates petty theft ought to check out Target, it's not just me, hundreds every day at my local Target store in too small a way to have anyone scream too loud, I'm going to follow this through, I don't think it's human error on a large scale but do feel it is unfairly adding to Targets bottom line Corporation wide.


Stop making something out of nothing, sometimes the scanners pick up things more than once, you can see the screen on the registers to watch for double scans and get it fixed on the spot. Do you really think teenagers and other part-timers are plotting against you to try and get more $$ from you?

Get real. I used to check on the price changes that guests claimed were the correct price and 90% of those claims on a daily basis were wrong!



“Target Department Store (…) has overcharged me the last three visits by scanning the an item 2 to 3 times when I only purchased 1.”

That’s a serious accusation, and easily resolved if you speak to the store’s LOD (Leader On Duty) *before* you leave the store. Did you do so?

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