I ordered on May 23rd rolston Outdoor Cushion Set. Five sets.

$247.07, red,/brown/striped. I was told they would be here around the 15th of June. I called today, June 14th, Customer Service told me it was cancelled. They don't know why, blamed it on the computer.

Whatever happened, no one ever called me or emailed me that the order was cancelled. I wanted them before Father's Day! I am so angry, I would of bought them somewhere else if I knew it did not go through the computer, what a shame.

I am so disappointed and angry! Target you stink!!!!!

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I'm seriously just.. not surprised by how weird and creepy you are anymore.

I'm 21 and don't live with my parents anymore. yet you seem like the type that either still lives with their parents and spends half of the day online. if not, then you definitely live alone with no goals except to destroy Target.

and seriously? what's up with your odd sense of humor?

and if you're not messing around, then you just have some odd thoughts in that head of yours buddy. and you really enjoy using those smiley faces, it only adds to your creepy lonely man in his 50's personality.

:grin :grin Ahahahahahahaha :grin :grin
I'll bet being off-site for the past couple of days to prove your point almost killed you! :grin
:cry Now go tell your mommy that someone is being mean to you on the internet because they always talk bad about a store that you love. They won't stop talking bad about Target. Tell her how very, very much you love Target and it makes you very, very mad when someone talks bad about Target. :cry :cry :cry
Don't forget to tell her it makes you very, very sad, too. :sigh :sigh
Your mommy loves you and she probably loves Target, too, just like her little darling!!!! :grin :grin

what were they supposed to do? teleport the items, anonymous?

there was an error in the system.

that has nothing to do with bad customer service. f**king weirdo, seriously.

Target stinks at customer service. They apparently have never heard of the definition of "service".

They continue to show that they have no concern for the customers' concerns and provide no help when you run into a problem.
You would be much better off never dealing with such a one-sided company.

I assure you, this is not an anomaly!! :) ;) :) ;)

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