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This is what I wrote on their FB page:

Dear Target, I've placed 3 online orders with you, thinking that not having to go into the store was the best thing since sliced bread. However, I've had issues with 2 out of 3 orders. This last one takes the cake though!

I placed the order last Saturday. By mid-week I was wondering where it was. I had not gotten any email notifications. I checked online Thursday morning to see it was delivered. We had had a lot of rain the night before and I never heard anything, but I went outside and looked all over, even in the cars to see if it had been left there. Nothing. Tracking detail came up as unavailable.

I emailed and was told an item was damaged and the entire shipment was returned to you. I've replied to that email 3 times with no response. Wait - that's wrong - I did get ONE response, it was just to an old email I sent. No idea how they managed to pull that off. I've sent another email via your contact form with no response.

I have yet to receive ANY notifications from Target after my initial order email.

No shipment notification

No damage notification

No we're sending you a new shipment notification

No we're refunding you notification

I've checked my credit card and there is only the charge from last week.

Here are my questions I'd really like answered:

Where is my product?

Why haven't I gotten ANY notifications?

Why do you have my money and I have no product?

Do I need to reorder? If so, see question #2

If I do need to reorder, would you give me my freakin money back so I can?

I've always preferred you to Walmart, but at least Walmart has managed to ship things correctly and send out email notifications.

It's now been over a week since my items were shipped back to them due to some unknown damage. Target claims when this happens, they take the items back and issue a refund and the customer has to reorder. Well, kind of tough when you have my money still! Not sure why you'd inconvenience your customer either. I received ZERO communications about this. I've had ongoing conversations via FB and email with their CSRs (which is a joke as they do not understand English). I've also talked to someone on the phone in the US, and while she agreed it was frustrating, there is nothing she can do. I cannot believe in this day and age, a company will take your order and not process a new one immediately, leaving it up to the customer (and without any communication no less). Then she had the nerve to call us Target "Guests" HAH!

One person says they sent a $10 gift card to my email. I don't have it. Another said they sent it snail mail. don't have that either. Reviews here say that people are getting refunds via gift cards - that's NUTS! They should be shut down if that's the case - completely unethical.

Reason of review: Order not received, refund not issued.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: No product received still waiting on refund lying csrs.

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