Never give anybody a Target e-gift card. Their e-gift cards can only be used at Target.com or using a mobile app on a smart phone in their stores. Sorry, even if I had a smart phone, I'm not trusting Target with the information they want to use the gift card. Target.com is truly the worst online experience I have seen. They want you to link the gift card to your account, yet when you check out, you still have to manually enter the card number. If you click on the "Continue Shopping" button and come back to check out, then you have to enter the number again. Also, they won't tell you an estimated shipping and tax until after entering the payment information, even though your address is the first thing you enter.

When you are shopping on the website, there are a huge number of items listed as simultaneously "unavailable online" and "not sold in stores." Why bother listing items that no one can buy? Sometimes, these unavailable items account for as much as 30% of the search results or product category.

I bought a back pack that they kept changing the expected delivery date after the order was placed. When it was changed a third time to a date 2 weeks from the day it was ordered, I wanted to cancel it. Their website wouldn't let me cancel it, even though they obviously did not have it in stock (it was listed as not yet shipped and unavailable online by this point). Trying to contact the customer service was impossible. The phone number rang once after playing an automatic message about their security breach, they eliminated chat help, and I was left with an email form that doesn't directly relate to online orders.

If anyone receives an e-gift card and wants a physical card, here is the process: Order something that is a store pick up. Pick up that item and then immediately return it. They will issue a store gift card, and you then go shopping in the physical store. Maybe if thousands of people do this, they will start allowing e-gift cards to be used in their stores.

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Odessa, Florida, United States #864174

I am a frequent user of mobile gift cards and Target's e-gift cards are the worst! I just wasted 20 minutes in the store trying to use one that had been emailed to me.

Even the cashier said the Target gift cards are terrible!

Never curse someone with a Target e-gift card. They have to go through a lot of effort to be able to use it.

Titusville, Florida, United States #785287

• eGiftCards can only be used online. For more information about how to use in stores, check out our mobile GiftCards page.

This is in the product description of the eGiftCard.

This info is right there, before you even enter the amount you want. How did you miss it or did you just not pay attention/not care?


you're kidding right? why do you think it's called an e-gift card?

if you want a regular gift card, go to the store instead of being lazy. go to the liquor store, I think you just ran out of whiskey.


target wants all this information to sell. Hackers are in the process of selling the stolen information you are not SAFE AT TARGET.......

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #784752

B u l l s h i t. Try something new for once and stop lying.

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