I cant even begin to express the time & energy I have spent waiting on hold to speak with someone who "pretended" to value me as customer there. Only to get rude,unexpericend staff.

I ordered online 10/01 and received a notification today that they "hope" to have that shipped to me by 11/01-really?

a month for a pair of shoes?? which btw I've been trying to cancel, and they tell me I can't..but there still holding up the total amount on my bank account.this has been a bad,horrible experience.


Monetary Loss: $60.

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Tasha lingers from site to site to discredit anyone complaining about Target.

The rest of us who work for our money know better than a fourteen year old does about where our time and money is to be spent, not money given from mommy and daddy. In the real world, we have learned that Target sucks.


Sorry, but in response to the comment made by Tasha: Actually she isn't being overly expectant. I ordered items beginning of October, and can't even get an update as to whether or not I'll even get anything I ordered.

The website is deplorable, which is 98% of their problem, I think, and when you call, it's an easy 45 min. wait, just to get someone who can't help. So no, I don't think the original commentator has outlandish expectations. It's really ridiculous the hoops they've made their customers go through, and it looks like it's just getting worse.

I see Target as no better than WalMart at this point. I'm not going through this again, won't be ordering anything from them online, limited edition or not.


Target is a horrible place to shop, online or in the store. They have terribly rude employees.

I agree with you - never ever again!

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