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This order was for an online gift card. Bought online at Target.com and for use online only at Target.com

Original review posted by user Jul 24, 2012

I ordered a gift card online for myself. They said I would receive it via email within 4 hours.

If it's a weekend it takes longer than that. Why it isn't instant, I have no clue. After checking my email for 5 hours, I called them and they said I would receive it in 24-48 hours! That's how long they say they take to mail out gift cards, but not email versions.

I complained about this and he said I would have it within 24 hours, but he couldn't say when. In the meantime they sent me an email saying my "gift" was delivered "immediately" by email. Well, I gave it the giftcard to my self and I never received an email saying I got a Target gift card. I told him if I didn't get it within the hour, I was cancelling.

Their system must be in the dark ages. They want you to shop, but won't give you the gift card so you can start shopping on their own website.

No wonder their stock is falling. Still have not gotten it so am deleting my order right now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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Did same to me Said i had the card in my email, but i didnt receive it. Lesson learned...don't shop at target.

Teresa Withrow

Late 2018 and they are still at it. My account says it was sent so I chatted with them.

Transfer after transfer after transfer later, they said I can contact them again after 24 hours if I have not received it.

Now it's to late for it was intended for and I don't need it. What a way to turn off people to your business.


2017 and still the same problems.

Auburndale, Florida, United States #1199128

Im going through the same nightmare.My son is in Boulder, Colorado and got poison ivy.He went to Target which has a CVS in their store and got a prescription.I called them and asked if I could pay for the prescription by credit card on the phone and they told me no and that I would have to pay for a gift card online and that would be the only way to do it. I then one online purchase a gift card to be sent to me by email and it said I should receive it within four hours I never received it and then called representative at Target and told them.

And they looked into it and told me they were going to expedite it and I told him about the situation with my son. I waited and still never received it and the very next day got an email stating that my order has been delayed and I will not receive it until two more days. This is ridiculous I could go online and pay for a plane ticket and within seconds of hanging up the phone have an email in my inbox showing my order and confirmation. My son went the whole entire day and evening without being treated for his poison ivy and suffered tremendously.

I warnn everybody out there please please please do not buy a gift card at Target online, you will never ever receive it on time if at all.

I do not know how this store is still in business. They are a prime example why Walmart is the number one source for shopping.

Salinas, California, United States #833490

I demanded.retribution, they.put my on.hold...and then hung up on me. Target is.huge,.sounds like the call center is in the Philippines.

It is a.foul practice to.promise.immediate delivery within 4 hours. Cool marketing.tactic.target.


I have not dealt with Target online, but have a terrible opinion of them with their in store policies.

Please follow up on this post and let us know if you are "allowed" to delete your order with them.

It will be interesting to see if you receive as bad service as many other posters to the Target site has.


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