I have had to call Target 4 times to try and make a payment. The 1st time, I called, the rep talked as if he did not understand ENGLISH and tried to twist my words into something that he wanted to say.

As we went forward, I gave my information to make my payment and then he hung up phone on me. I called a 2nd time to verify if the transaction had been done and to report the rudeness of the 1st rep by hanging up on me. He had not. I told the 2nd rep that I wanted to make a payment and report the rep that had hung up on me.

And if I should have any IDentity Thief issue with my account due to 1st rep taking all my information and then hanging up on me and not going forward with the transaction and not giving me my confirmation number I would file a suit against TARGET. I promise I will. I ask the 2nd rep to notate in my acct what the 1st rep had done and if any problems, my actions. He stated he did.

I called and talked to a 3rd rep to verify if the notes were made and found out only partial and I asked the 3rd rep to add that should any identity fraud issue arise, I will take action against TARGET, and I will. 3rd rep claims she did. I called a 4th time to verify if the 3rd rep had made notes. The 4th rep acted as if she was in the clouds and continuously asked me did I have any questions for her.

I asked to speak to supervisor. A lady that said she was a supervisor stated she would notate my concern and was sorry.

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Cry me a river


You "forgot" to mention that you were rude first so that is why you were hung up on. They have a right to refuse service to those who were rude. You have no basics to file a law suit, and even if you did you would need your parents which would force you to tell them you used their credit card.


All this to make a payment? Just go to the friggin store or go online and do it. Typical America, always threatening to sue over little things.

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