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SKU 052120055 on line, advertised price says $8.99, temporary reduction, and to go to a store to purchase it (no shopping cart available with this item to add it to on line cart). Store charged me

$17.99 for the item, plus tax of course, and customer service just said on line prices are different than in store prices.

Now, why would they advertise the price, tell you to go to the store to get it, then not honor the price?

The new website does not allow you to send an email to customer service, email form is only valid if you enter an on-line order number, which this wasn't. Makes a phone call necessary rather than modern means of communication (email) to complain.

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In store pricing will vary. Stores are independent of the website.

When you buy something in-store, you are paying for that item to be available to you. When you buy online, you are not paying the convenience and must wait a week or so to get your item. Hence the price difference.

Don't forget to add shipping costs to your estimated online prices. It may end up costing you more to ship something, than to go buy it yourself.


Stores don't match their online prices. Not Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, Best Buy, and on and on. On all their websites it says "Prices in store may vary".


the website clearly states next to every product - ''online price.'' Online price is just that, online only. If there is no ''add to cart'' option, it's probably out of stock online.

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