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I have been an on-line Target shopper for many years. I have always been able to easily cancel my orders if I made a mistake. Even around Christmastime. I'm sorry, I'm human, I make mistakes. I guess Target is perfect. Especially their customer handling department is.

I called within 15 minutes....15 minutes after placing the order on-line to cancel the order. Why? Because, their shipping dates were not specific until after I okayed the order...after I pressed submit, that is when they tell me that I won't receive it until December 27th. After Christmas. So, as I have numerous times in the past, I called to cancel it. I've never had problems before. This was outrageous. They actually told me that it was already being shipped. Do you really think I'm that ***? Obviously.

Fifteen minutes after you receive my order...its being shipped? I don't think so. Not in a real life situation would that ever happen! I have to receive this product so that I can send it back personally...and wait for my refund. What? Who the *** do they think they are!

So that's my complaint. I, after using for at least five years, are not shopping this way any more. And I have heard over and over from this customer department in the last two days, that..."Target strives to make their customer satisfied." I don't think so.

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