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I just ordered an MP3 player & 2yr replacement plan. $59.92!!

Right!! Well, my charge came to $70.52

After all the hoopla thru the whole order that there would be 'FREE SHIPPING' I was really ticked. I phoned your 800# spoke to "Kate" (where the *** does your service come from?? "USA" is what we should be getting!!

Kate told me that my order didn't have a promo to qualify for free shipping!! What's up with that????

I didn't cancel my order as I don't live near a Target store. Thanks for the bitter taste!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

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You whiny baby it CLEARLY states on the Targets website that only certain items over $50 qualify for free shipping and it will mention on the roducts page if it is eligible for free shipping. Next time read the policies before you whine like a big baby and end up looking like a jack@sss. Nice job ***.

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