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I had gotten phone emails from Kohl's for 30% off your total purchase, Justice had 40% off your total purchase and a Target email saying 20% off back to school clothes. We shopped all 3 and got the discount that had been emailed EXCEPT for Target! I questioned the cashier who said they never know anything about sales... He summoned a supervisor who said she was unaware of it also. I pulled out my phone and showed her and she was stunned. She then went over to a computer monitor and pulled up the add and said way down on the bottom, if you enlarge the print, it said select. My son and his family spent over $400, thinking they would get 20% off the clothing they bought. Had they not been pressed for time and lived closer, they would have left the items behind and gone elsewhere. I believe the ad deliberately gave a false impression and that like every other store, was giving a percentage off the total of school clothes. To me it hinges on bait and switch. I spend a lot with your company and feel they should get their 20% off school clothes. If Target does not do that much for them, I will never shop there again. I am only asking you to stand behind your ad and not hide behind a deliberately tiny print disclaimer! Do the right thing!


Thanks for taking the time to share your comments with us. Again, please accept my apologies for your experience with the mobile coupon you received on your phone.

- Insert Response Using Appropriate Template

Hearing about your experience is very important to us, and I've shared your comments with our Store Operations team. While this may not benefit you today, your feedback helps us make our stores, merchandise and services better for every guest.

We always welcome your comments. If you ever have questions about our products or services please call our Target Guest Relations team at (800) 440-0680.

Thanks for writing. Your experience helps us improve our services for yout.



Target Guest Relations

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $412.

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your fault for not reading the small print. most stores do this, not just Target.

you're a complete *** if you think you can just walk into a store and get 20% off of whatever you want. as for you Anonymous, you're a f**king psycho. you have no valid arguments.

you say basically the same response. the only difference is that I feel sorry for you more and more each time.

The care for customers at Target is nonexistent. Their policies are strictly one sided and their enforcement is ruthless.

While everyone understands that there are standard practices in every businesses, Target seems to be the only retailer who has no concern for their customers' satisfaction.
Please pass this message on to warn those you know.

You will be doing them a favor, and you will also alert Target that their practices are unacceptable. :(

That's true Joan, However, the supervisor pulled it up on a computer screen and had to enlarge the print 80% to read it. How visable would it be on a phone, NOT AT ALL.

That's why they did it. They lose far more in future revenue for this act.

Teachers stick together and Target will not be part of their districts authorized purchase agents! Shame on TARGET!


All businesses use those form letters to reply to different things. People should read the complete ad, down to the last detail. A lot of sale items are for select items only.

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