I ordered 5 nursing items from Traget online for my daughter who was having a baby. I ordered one month before her due date. The baby was a few weeks early and the items a few weeks later than that.

One item, the nursing nightgown still wasn't there a month later, then I was told it wouldn't ship for another month. She has since stopped nursing so I called to cancel the order.

It was difficult to cancel the order and I felt ripped off as I had used a $30.00 off code and without the nightgown I did not get credit for that.

I will not ever order from Target online again and I will be sure to tell my friends the poor experience I had. Too bad, it makes me not want to shop the store anymore either. This is the first online "bad experience" I have had.

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Hi: I had the same problem. I received a Target gift card from my coworkers and because my doctor restricted me to "couch rest," I went online to purchase my goods and hoped for the best as far as shipping.

I'm pretty forgiving, but after 6 weeks of checking the website for my order, I got impatient and decided to call the shipping department. The items had not shipped out yet, and I wanted to know what the delay was. The shipping department said they would launch an "investigation" and get back to me in 5 days. That was 7 days ago and I haven't heard anything.

According to the individual I spoke with, she would check on my order, get back to me, and if it still hadn't shipped out, she would then alert a "supervisor" who would then do his/her own investigation and get back to me in 10-12 days. As you can imagine, this is a heck of a long time to be waiting on numerous baby items that I had ordered, including thermometers, which I was hoping to get as soon as possible. When I asked for my gift card to be reimbursed, I was told that that would take 7-14 days to process and then some time to mail out to me. UHHHHH!!!!

I have a newborn and don't really have time or energy to argue with them so I'm still waiting on my stuff, which I ordered on May 24th.

I'm planning on calling them today. I completely understand your frustration.


Justin if you don't know what your talking about please don't show everyone that your that ***. If the truck has all these problems they should us UPS IN stead.

And if the customer want to cancel the order for any reason it should be canceled and any money refunded.

Your comments is giving target a even worse name. If everyone at target is as *** as you target will be out of soon.


That's why you don't act all lazy and go to the store. Target.com might have been out of stock on the item and had to wait for it to come in.

They don't let you cancel the order, because they have already gotten it in their system and awaiting to be shipped. Of course they won't cancel it because it might already be in a truck and on the road. There might have also been bad weather where the truck had to drive so it was delayed. The truck might also have had a break down which would delay it further.

There is always something else happening when there is a problem. I'm sure it is nothing that Target.com intentionally did.

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