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The new game Fallout 4 officially came out today (11-10-15). Released with it was supposed to be a special edition Jones soda labeled "Nuka Cola Quantum." They were released exclusively through Target alone.

The Target nearest to me (Green Bay) opens at 8am. I arrived at 8am to buy an advertised 4-pack that they were supposed to have for sale according to their website and most recent newspaper ad. There were a few other people there right at 8am for the same reason. When we got back to the electronics department where the sodas were supposed to we were rudely told that the store only had 9 individual bottles left (...but I thought they just came out 30 seconds ago when the store opened?).

We were also told that we'd only be able to purchase one if we were also purchasing the game. I had pre-ordered the game 3 months prior through Amazon obviously wasn't going to do that. They were also not being sold in 4-packs, which I could somewhat understand given that they were apparently so limited. I would have happily just bought one bottle, but couldn't even do that because I pre-ordered the game (which is something that everyone does for an upcoming title they're excited about nowadays).

Way to go Target! Never had any problems before, but you guys dropped the ball on this one. My guess is some employees had first dibs on the Sodas...

whatever, I get that that happens. But the whole *** about only being able to buy one if you buy the game is complete B.S., and none of that was stated in the advertisement or website.

Reason of review: Wouldn't honor their own advertisement..

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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That's terrible! And totally not store policy!


I got one bottle, but it was a similar issue. I was first in the store at opening, no one else even behind me, and the employee in the back tells me they only had 12 total -- and I can only purchase a single bottle, not the 4-pack that was in advertisements.

I was still in electronics section, five minutes later a group of 6 comes in, and only two receive a bottle before they are "sold out".

This means there were only 3 in store to begin with and some employees set a few back for themselves before opening.

But no, the game purchase was not required, that was handled incorrectly.

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