A new target opened here in NEW BRAUNFELS TEXAS. They put up a NOW HIRING sign.

I go in and fill out an EXTREMELY LONG application. I wait ONE MONTH and I get a card in the mail that says: We're sorry, but we aren't hiring at the moment but that you for you interest in target. This is TOTALLY ridiculous!!!! If you're NOT gonna hire anyone, DON'T put up a NOW HIRING SIGN!!!

I'm so pissed! I do NOT recommend ANYONE to apply there. What they did is totally UNPROFESSIONAL and ***.

Tomorrow I'm gonna call and complain directly to the manager.

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work at Walmart they hire anybody


i am looking for job


I don't think I'd be too upset by not getting hired by Target. I mean really - there are much more glorious jobs out there - like working for TXDOT as a Roadkill Sanitation Techinician.

Anyone who can shovel as much fecal matter over a measley min wage job as you should be fully qualified to shovel dead carcasses as well.

Good luck dude... 8)

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #156028

sounds like they did hire people. I think you filled out the application form too late and they hired people who did it on time.

Good work habit. Or maybe the job you wanted was taken.

Does not mean they are not hiring. Just not hiring you.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #156027

This does not mean that they are not hiring, just means that you were not qualified and they hired people better than you. Face it you are just upset because you thought you were great and they did not think you are as good as you think you are.

You just have a big ego. Maybe Jason Tillo is right and the reason you were not hired was based on your attitude. They obviously hired the people they need, you are the one that is acting *** and unprofessional. You apply for a job, they review your applicaion then they see if they will hire based on your application.

You obviously were not qualified but instead of taking defeat like an adult you are throwing a temper tantrum. Is everyone that did not offer you a job unprofessional and ***. Calling someone ***, what you must be 12 years old.

No wonder they did not hire you. They don't want unprofessionl people serving their customers.


Lets remember that hundreds probably applied, mostly all with the same qualifications and experience. They cant pick everyone, especially if you just get lost in the bunch, no special qualifications.

These stores are always hiring, always, the positions available keep chahging. This is their way of politely telling you: "Dont call us, we'll call you". At least you know that's a dead end, rather than waiting for nothing.

For those who are fired, or quit, and are taggeg "Non rehireable" you are never to be rehired.

A few exceptions: HR reverses their claim after a law suit, Management changes, or you work for another company and it gets bought out by Target. Dont go back, try something new.


if someone is non-rehirable,how many years do they have to wait before they can reapply there again??

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #36362

They real reason that you did not get the job was because they thought you were underaged by your attitude. They probably thought you were seven and did not want to get in trouble and be charged with child labor.


With your attitude I can see why they sent you that letter. As a store manager (not for Target, by the way) I wouldn't have hired you either. I guess they were just saving themselves some time.

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