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0n 9/9/17 my wife and I went to target to buy a few baby item for family member, when we got home notice that we were missing a some items we purchased, we look at the recent and was charged for ,we thought possible a bag was not pick up at checkout, call to see if you left bag and could come pick up at the restester ,when we got there gave the receipt to a clerk, came back 15 min.later said everything was place in our cart,and could not help us,the item was about 20.00$ no real big lost,for my wife and i for we both have very well paying jobs,as a result of how we were talk to and treated as we were try to get something for nothing really pissed my wife and me off ,so as a result we will give are business to Walm art, Meijer stores. thousands of dollars a year you lost for $20.00 . sincerely a true target ex-customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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as we were trying to get something for nothing, what a joke,you lost our business, will not go to target ever again.give our business to Walmart and Meijer,sincerEly ex-target customer, Thomas and Debbie Moore

to Thomasmoore #1377826

Why is it their fault that you didn't take all your bags? Next person in line got home and found they had a bonus.

Don't expect a store to just give you more product or a refund when you come in later saying you are short.

Far too many people try to pull this scam to get something for nothing. Not saying you did, but how are they to tell the difference?

to Anonymous #1381722

Because they had a receipt. If it shows up on their receipt, they can just go get their items again, have the customer service people even-exchange it so there is no chance of doubling-dealing, and they can take it home.

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