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I simply wanted to try something on, went to the dressing room, with my toddler in the cart. Anyone who has a toddler knows its hard enough to shop with one.

The associate refused to let me bring the cart in the dressing room. Mind you, there was nothing in the cart other than my child. If i take him out of the cart, he crawls under the door and out of the dressing room when im changing

Or climbs up on the little seat, both safety issues. Why can't i simply take the cart in.

So i say fine and go to customer service to ask about this, that lady calls the associate at the fitting room and tells her to let me and the cart into tgw room. By this time the associate has hung my items with the rest of unwanted items. Asks which ones are mine. The items are in the little closet off to the side.

Cant i just come and show you? No, ill bring each of the 100 items out and you tell me if they are yours, 5 at a time. Are you kidding me?

Soooo ridiculous. I will never shop Target again

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Bringing carts into the dressing room is obnoxious. And yes, I have kids.....3 of them actually, all currently under the age of 10.

If I need to try something one I set them on the seat in the fitting room and tell them to stay put while I change. They listen......I know, shocking.......Sounds like you don't have much control over your children.


In case you didn't know, Target also lets men into the ladies changing room. At the Target need me a lady and her daughter were trying on clothes and there was a 40yr old man sitting in one one the changing rooms looking at women under the stalls.

to buins #1480068

Yeah, they are supposedly family dressing rooms. Unless you want to bring your 18 month old in with you


Seriously???You Want to bring the Cart into the dressing room???When you go grocery shopping with your toddler, do you take the grocery cart into the bathroom too?Do you do the same thing at any other business where the customer has to use a cart?

to Anonymous #1480067

Obviously you don't have kids. Why wouldn't I take the cart in the dressing room?

My child was in it. Nothing else. No merchandise.

What exactly do you think I'm going to do with the cart? Fold it up and stick it in my pocket?

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