I went to target I figured I would check out the deals

I didn't like the layout of checkout when they first came in to mall.

the check out is only on one side,

Making u go to front of store to pay when going out on mall entrance .

So I was looking on the computer at some great deals with vinegar which I use for food and cleaning,

When I went I only found 6 vinegars and glue and glade producs I wanted, as I checked out I asked the cashier the coupon policy he had no clue and when every thing was rung up the computer would not take

More than four coupons. So the manager came over and help *** the over four products of like coupons, he said it was per day i would not wast gas for four products a day now my other coupons for vinegar are expired.

Why would I drive to be limited to four products with coupons

I shop in so many other stores I guess this is why I do not shop target

Walmart has no limit they know they get mony back for coupons is not like it comes out of their pocket it like money for profit in stores

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that's a dumb policy. I mean I can understand not wanting someone to hold up the line with like 100 coupons.

but it seems like you only had a few or so. oh and ignore Anonymous, they'll just creep you out rather than help you.


I too just came from Target tonight and had very awful experience! They would not take there own coupons and i did not have over four! the coupons matched the items, and it is funny i was there two days before and used the same coupons and had no problems.I used to love to shop target for the deals, but if it is going to be a hassle i will shop elsewhere!

Target's policies are the most ridiculous in the business of retailers. They are NOT consumer or customer friendly, and they will stick it to you every chance they get.

Stay away from Target. Every other business in America is much friendlier and accommodating to their customers.

Target is awful and their policies suck. :zzz

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